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My name is Shirley Mesa. I was born and raised in Northern, CA, in  the Westwood and Susanville area. I went to school, married, raised my children and now I am watching my grand children grow up here. It is a wonderful place to live.


 My entire life I have dreamed of being a K9 trainer for working dogs. We have three German Shepherds at this moment, Yesca, who is 2 years, Steel who is 1 year, and Axel who is 6 months. We love our babies! I have gone all over California working our German Shepherds. I learned to handle our shepherd Mace in Protection and Security at the K-9 Clinic in Watsonsonville, Ca. The knowledge I gained there set a solid foundation for me. I also gained valuable handling techniques for our shepherds at the Nadelhaus Kennels in Chico, Ca.


Every bit of knowledge that I could absorb helped me get closer to my goal. I became a Canine Training Specialist at the Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Hutto, Texas. I give so much respect to the Instructors, employees, and my classmates at Starmark. I went there to gain an education and not only did I gain unbelievable knowledge, I gained a new family.


That is why Mike and I decided to bring the experience back to Susanville and the surrounding areas. I want people to be able to have a nice, clean, knowledgeable training center to bring their dogs to. To learn to sit, stay, heel, walk on loose leash and not pull you down the street every time you go for a walk, go to  place and not bolt out the front door every time it is opened, recall, train agility, group classes, puppy classes, remote collar conditioning, home manners, behavioral issues and so much more.  We want training to be fun, but to leave with a well trained obedient dog/puppy.


I truly love dogs, all dogs, big and small. I am so excited about this new venture. One of the best rewards about dog training is the owner seeing the dog/puppy for the first time after training, and they cannot believe its the same dog. Watching the transformation is a reward in itself.. I am proud to be the Owner/Trainer  of Mesahaus Dog Training Facility and I hope that you give me the honor to train your pets..







Shirley Mesa

Certified Canine Training Specialist

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